A downloadable game for Windows

Twinland is a 2D metroidvania platformer with RPG elements. You control a big middle-aged man through a surreal fantasy world full of odd things and surprises.

As of now, the full game will feature:

- non-linear gameplay

- many diverse environments with unique enemies

- 2 different attack styles: fight with magic wands or magic guns

- occasional dialogue choices change several gameplay aspects

- 20+ power ups and consumables

- 8 bosses

- many extremely well hidden secrets (secret areas and mini games)

- multiple endings

Insider Information: This is a complete overhaul of the original Twinland release from 6 years ago. It features now fully redrawn graphics, new areas, items, weapons. And we're most excited about adding the new choice system that will change the game in many ways.

The game will be released for free in August 2015. Download the demo now!

Install instructions

Download and run the .EXE!


twindemo.exe 22 MB